How To Improve Mental Health In The Workplace?

How To Improve Mental Health In The Workplace?

Mental health in the workplace is not a myth, it is not something that has been sesnationalised, rather, something that has been realised. Workplace mental health is such a poignant issue because much of the stress that the work environment can cause leads to mental health issues.

In today’s hustle culture, stress is worn like a badge of honour; however, alongside this, the question of how to support mental health at work is on every employer’s lips. It’s no surprise, with the pressure to do more, achieve more, be more, the rise in the need for mental health support at work is inevitable.

Of course, not all mental health issues are caused by workplace stress but it still pays to be vigilant within office hours in order to help people with their mental health when they need it. Think about it, you spend most of your day, nearly your entire week at work. There needs to be someone who people can reach out to, and not just in times of duress. Having a trusted expert on hand that can educate and give employees the tools to manage mental stress could revolutionise your work culture. 

How To Support Mental Health at Work

A wellbeing officer used to be an unheard term. Now, companies build budgets around it, health insurers include it as part of their packages, and seminars have been packed full to the brim with eager employers asking how they can support mental health in the workplace. 

Thankfully it is becoming standard practice for companies to offer some form of wellbeing program. If a company doesn’t have a wellbeing officer it is important to get an external person in. If you are an employee and your workplace has no wellbeing program it would help for you to become aware of your personal wellbeing needs. 

At Alex Delogu, we offer services aimed at improving personal wellbeing, as well as corporate and group sessions. So, if you’re a business owner who’s team needs assistance, or someone who wishes to learn how to support themselves personally, there is a way to do it. 

Doing one company session is a great starting point, and as part of this session we can review the best wellbeing practices for your environment, however, the onus you place on mental health in the workplace shouldn’t stop there.

As an employer, there are many ways you can promote mental health such as, lunchtime yoga classes run by a volunteer in the office, mindfulness sessions, allowing staff to take 5 minutes from their desk each hour, and ensuring that no one stays too late after hours. 

How to Spot Poor Mental Health in the Workplace 

Workplace stress can have numerous causes and can manifest in different ways. It may manifest physically as tiredness, pain, anxiousness, or emotionally as distress, dissociation, or lack of drive. Working in a difficult social environment also impacts how we see ourselves, and can manifest as feeling like a failure or feelings of inadequacy. 

Noticing mental health issues in the office as an employer or employee does not mean you have to manage it. In fact, the best thing to do is give the person someone to talk to and signpost them to facilities that can help. As a workplace you do not need to treat mental health, you need to facilitate it. 

You can read more about stress reducing techniques on our blog; Learn Stress Reducing Techniques or get in touch with any questions. 

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