Do your sessions and classes happen online or in-person?

Classes are in person at the moment. There is the option of online for private lessons.

What are your business hours?

Classes run at set times. One-to-one psychotherapy or private lessons can be arranged to find a suitable ongoing time.

Do you offer free consultations?

15 minute phone consultations are available.

Are your services suitable for children?

This depends on what service you’re interested in. For psychotherapy I only work with 18+. For tai chi and qi gong I work with any age. SSP is also available for any age group.

Is everything confidential?


What is your cancellation policy?

I require at least 24hours before your appointment for cancellation. Otherwise the session is charged.


How do I know if psychotherapy is right for me?

Psychotherapy aims to provide a safe space for anyone to avail of. The more subtle question is “is this therapist right for me?” It is important to meet and discuss your aims with any therapist.

Do you offer psychological assessments?

No. A psychological assessment would be carried out by a psychologist.

Is psychotherapy good for depression?

Yes. Psychotherapy can be good for identifying the root causes of depression. If there is an underlying medical precursor that is a separate aspect.

Does psychotherapy help with school or work stress?

Yes. Psychotherapy can help to identify stressors in life. Any changes that may need to happen however are down to the individual.

Tai Chi

Is Tai Chi suitable for beginners?

Yes. I run regular beginners courses.

What age group are your Tai Chi classes for?

All age groups. They tend to attract people over 30.

How can Tai Chi help my mental health?

Yes. Tai Chi is of proven benefit for a mental health. Tuning into the bodies internal sense is one of the key aspects of overcoming trauma.

Can I pay per class?

You can pay for a trial class. Otherwise courses are paid in full.

Does Tai Chi help with anxiety?

Yes. It is very much down to the individual but it has been shown to improve anxiety.

Do you have to be fit for Tai Chi?

No. The tai chi exercises are challenging but don’t require you to be fit. Being curious about how your body moves is a better prerequisite.

Do you offer private Tai Chi lessons?


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Is SSP suitable for my autistic child?

Yes. The initial research was with people with autism.

What age group is SSP for?

All ages.

How do I know if SSP could help me?

This really depends on the individual. Usually a cluster of physiological processes would indicate a nervous system that is over-active or prone to shut down.

Will SSP help with social anxiety?

SSP is not a standalone intervention. It is recommended that you are in therapy to understand the roots of your anxiety. SSP works in conjunction with therapy.

Are SSP sessions for minors attended by the parent(s)/guardian(s) also?

Yes. SSP can be delivered at home by parents/guardians.

Is there financial aid available for SSP?

Not currently.