Gorse Forage at Howth Summit

All about Gorse – we meet at Howth summit and we practice foraging for Gorse, how to create flower remedy, syrup, sketch, and chi-gung.

About this event


Alex Delogu – tai chi master with 9 years teaching experience

David Rooney artist

We meet at the top of Howth summit car park – we then practice picking Gorse and how to create your own flower remedy from it and the conditions needed with a tutorial in crafting a Gorse syrup from Alex Delogu.

With some sketching of the lighthouse (beginners need not worry ) I provide simple tips to begin a sketching from life practice and we finish off the event with some chi-gung mindful movement before heading to the summit inn bar for food (optional).

Bring rain gear as the event goes ahead regardless of weather

Check out Instagram.com/alex.delogu


Any questions contact alexdelogu@gmail.com


90 min workshop

Rough timetable

Meet at Howth Summit

12;00 – 12;10 – intro

12;10-12;20 – Gorse Foraging

12;25- 12;30 – Gorse Flower remedy guide

12;30 – 12;40 – Gorse Syrup demo

12;40 – 1pm – Lighthouse sketching

1;pm – 1;20 pm – tai-chi/ cloud hands movement exercise

Suggested donation €10 towards materials/promotion – sketchpads provided – do please contact us if you need gloves/ secateurs for foraging as these aren’t included – I can do my best to pick you up some spares before the event.

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