Improvers Tai Chi in Glenalbyn – 6 week evening course

A short course on the embodied arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, held in the spacious sports hall at Glenalbyn Sports Club. We’ll cover the basics of a robust personal practice.

Tai Chi is a mindful movement practice designed to relax the mind by relaxing the body. By becoming aware of our habitual holding patterns we can begin to let go and literally ground to the earth. Standing meditation will form the basis of this grounding. Tai Chi in itself is an advanced practice so we will begin with some basic Qi Gong, breathing, and relaxation exercises before delving into the Tai Chi.

**Vaccination cert required**

All the usual applies. If you have symptoms please don’t come to class. If you live with someone waiting for a covid test please wait until that’s done.

Alex has been training at Tai Chi Ireland for over 9 years and brings a wealth of experience from psychotherapy and philosophy to his teaching style.

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