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Psychotherapy aims to provide you with a safe environment to explore difficult or confusing aspects of your life and to work towards integrating them into a meaningful sense of self.

Tai Chi

These practices can help reduce stress and become more relaxed, among other health benefits. 


SSP is a therapeutic intervention designed to retune the nervous system, so that it can better perceive cues of safety from others and the environment.

About Alex

I received my B.A. in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Dublin Business School. The course was integrative, meaning it covered an array of therapeutic approaches. I was particularly interested in group dynamics, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and existential psychotherapy.

I am also a Member of the IACP and adhere to their Code of Ethics. I engage in regular continuous professional development as this form of work is a continually evolving practice.


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"I have attended Tai Chi classes with Alex for the past 3 years and have have noticed an improvement in my strength and balance since doing them The classes are enjoyable, relaxed and friendly. Alex is very patient in dealing with questions and he explains the movements very well. I would highly recommend his classes."

"Thank you so much for the last series of classes - they were great and I got a lot out of them. You teach extremely well and I really enjoyed the warm vibe in the group."

Caroline Orr

"I have loved all of the classes you have offered Alex, thanks very much."

"I started Tai Chi because of a back injury. It’s something you can do at any age. It’s very gentle and works on all parts of your body. Alex is a great teacher, explaining every move, encouraging and repeating until everyone is clear on how to move and why, and the classes move at just the right pace. He also introduces elements of Qi Gong and meditation which complement the Tai Chi practice."

"The classes are wonderful. The clarity & articulateness of your explanations in themselves actually add to the experience! I just love your use of language! ..The atmosphere which you create is calming & positive. With your guidance, the repetitions seem to flow, rather than feeling tedious, which I would have imagined beforehand... Thank you."

Monica Nolan

Rathfarnham, Dublin 14